Pro Action Replay EP

by Captain Polaroid

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I set myself the task of writing and recording each song in day, under the name Pro Action Replay, this was the result. Ended up putting it out through Filthy Little Angels as Captain Polaroid.


released June 19, 2007



all rights reserved


Captain Polaroid Birmingham

My fuzzy, shambolic lo-fi pop is thrown carelessly out of a bedroom window in Birmingham, UK.

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Track Name: Better Works of Fiction
The more you think the less you sleep and the less you sleep the less you write. The less you write the more depressed you feel but depression is good for writing sincerely and accurately about the way you feel, about everything. If you want to blame your parents and the government - well go ahead. Have you been sent to lie? You could search for answers in the bible but there are better works of fiction. I learnt much more from Holden Caulfield than I ever did from Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ! Did I just say that? Well slap my wrists and I'll repent at once, just give me forty lashings and a lollipop, a disappointed stare and a sermon.
Track Name: Pro Action Replay
You live by the sea because you say it creates memories that are better than the city you came from. You leaped into my arms like a frightened girl from a TV show and asked me "will you stay around a while?". Won't you swing your golden axe into my heart? You told me of your life in a way that sounded so profound I had to write it down and publish it at once. They all wanted to read about the girl with scars who wouldn't eat. It made us rich beyond our wildest dreams. You'll swing your golden axe into my heart. The sequel was a flop but then sequels often are. You know you'll always be a trilogy to me. You left without a word so I quickly wrote the third under the name 'Pro Action Replay'. Its about the day you swung your golden axe into my heart.
Track Name: Songs in Bad Movies
Is this all I will ever be? A life reduced to songs in bad movies that fade to black after every scene. I hope somebody kills me in my sleep. But I wake from a mundane dream replaced by my life seamlessly. I've read about this kind of thing in some trashy low-priced magazine and I don't think I will ever sleep again. Like a lemming I should go and make friends with people I don't know, get a job pushing buttons for the government and maybe I'd want more. I've seen my films in the bargain bin - one ninety nine or three for five - oh no! This is what my parents said when I told them I'd be leaving home... "we don't think you will ever sleep again." Is this all I will ever be? A life reduced to songs in bad movies that fade to black after every scene. I hope somebody kills me in my sleep.
Track Name: Familiar Routines
Please take me away from these streets of rage. We'll find a quaint cottage in the middle of nowhere, we could be lonely together if only you would ask me. I would look upon this day as a chance to succeed, I would look upon this day as a chance, a reprieve. We could be lonely together if only you would ask me. I thought we didn't need people, I thought we didn't need friends, I thought we didn't need family, I thought we had everything. It looks like I was wrong. You didn't ask me. There's a small part of me that would like to run away and there's a large part of me that doesn't want to stay but its the unmentioned part of me that always gets its way. So I'm carrying on with familiar routines and I'll carry on screaming and venting my spleen. I hope that it bursts so I can get away from here. The vines around my neck grow tighter with every step I take to my death as if someone it pulling back just to say "don't go just yet".
Track Name: The City Was Built Around You
There's a boy in the mirror staring back at a man who's determined to remain as young as his body will let him. But how long will it let him? You've never been able to imagine your life after the age of twenty five. A quarter of a century sounds like such a long time. You just want to stay alive. So you cut off your hair and find a new job, one that your parents won't be ashamed of, put down that guitar - its not helping anyone. All of the people you knew have moved on while you sat in your room writing sad lonely songs. You've got no chance of making a difference anyway. You just want to feel alive. You're hoping to find a book that will have the solution to questions you've never been able to ask, the questions that have driven you mad. But there is no such book, no movie or song that'll fix all things you allowed to go wrong - and the time you allowed to disappear behind you disappeared. You wish the city was built around you.
Track Name: Jigsaw of Planet Earth
I'll put on my hat and coat, have you seen my scarf and gloves? Could I borrow yours tonight and I will mail them back to you as I walk home through the dusty streets, past disused buildings, past fallen trees. When I get home I'll rest my head on unwashed clothes in an unmade bed. I'll try to finish my jigsaw of planet earth but something's wrong. Britain's missing and so is France, Iceland, Poland and Japan. The whole of Asia, Africa, Australasia, Antarctica. But the USA seems bigger than I remember. This isn't how I remember it.