May All Your Christmases Be Blue EP

by Captain Polaroid

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Compilation of Christmas/winter songs.


released December 4, 2011



all rights reserved


Captain Polaroid Birmingham

My fuzzy, shambolic lo-fi pop is thrown carelessly out of a bedroom window in Birmingham, UK.

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Track Name: You'll Never See Christmas Again
There was no food on the table, no money to spare, they had plans for the future but to get out of there they'd need some help. When taxes increased the family were broke, their stomachs were empty and the children had no presents that year and they couldn't afford to celebrate Christmas at all. They said 'you'll never be free and you'll never get out until you own your council house. We're their prisoner, their slave. We got evening jobs and we took out a loan to keep up with the payments on our rented home. We were prisoners of the Pound. And we didn't see our friends or family at all, no we didn't see our friends or family at all.' You'll never see this family again and you'll never see this planet again. You'll never see your children again. You'll never see Christmas again.
Track Name: Until Boxing Day
The singers at my door are wasting their time, they'll live their footprints in the snow that has settled outside. I don't want to leave my house or even my room. I'm refusing offers of company and plates of food. "what has happened" you say "to make you feel this way?" I don't know. My turntable plays me songs that sound so sweet, I'm listening to someone who's better than me. Oh Santa! Why'd you bring this? That was so mean. Oh Santa! Why'd you bring this and then just leave? You're sitting outside my door whispering things like "please come out soon, I've brought you some drinks". If I respond politely will you go away? I'm not going to leave this room until boxing day.
Track Name: Wintertime Ending
We're lying in the snow waiting for the freezing cold to numb our ageing bodies and immortalise our souls. You know I need you more now than you could ever know. Tell me about the rain you watched land on the rooftops, "Oh, how it fell!", and as you spoke to me I listened carefully. Tell me about the colourful sky that raised your skin - it made you smile - but not today, today it made you cry. You look at me with the saddest eyes, I wish I could tell you it will be alright. You say "I need you more now than I could ever show." I remember what its like to hear fascinating stories about a girl with a birthmark and an infinite beauty. I was the boy who would listen unconditionally. And I could be awake for the rest of my life but I would rather sleep than die so I will be asleep for the rest of my life. I like to pretend I've forgotten how to sleep and I like to pretend I can't remember how to breathe so I can pretend that I'm learning it all again. We're lying in the snow waiting for the freezing cold to numb our ageing bodies and immortalise our souls. As I died last night you lay with me a while.
Track Name: If You Came on Christmas Day
You wind me up and place me at the top of the stairs and I tumble to my death. The mess that's left on the bottom step is broken beyond repair but you try to fix me anyway. You know I'd do the same for you... but it's no good, no, it's too late. I'm junk that's barely used. I wake up on a cold damp bed. My eyes are filled with tears for all things that I regret. It's like this every year. The moon and the sun are laughing at me and the bright white stars won't listen to me. The darkness is blind to everyone but me and everything I've done. I'm feeling like a Christmas tree with my arms outstretched still waiting for someone to come and decorate me and make me beautiful. If you came on Christmas day you would find me packed away inside a box in a cold dark loft, forgotten every year.