Other Short Stories and Better Works of Fiction

by Captain Polaroid

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First released in February 2007 through Filthy Little Angels. I think I learnt a little more about mixing and production for this record... not *much* more, I must stress.


released February 19, 2007



all rights reserved


Captain Polaroid Birmingham

My fuzzy, shambolic lo-fi pop is thrown carelessly out of a bedroom window in Birmingham, UK.

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Track Name: Dust Will Settle On This Lifeless Town
You can cough up cash or cough up blood. You can kill them in the name of God. Close your eyes and count to ten, nuke the whole damn neighbourhood. The dust will settle on this lifeless town, the dust will settle on this bombed-out town. The church is coming, you should let them in. The church is coming to forgive 'your' sins (the sins that they create) The thoughts that keep you awake. There's been a murder in the shopping mall - when cops are killing kids who can you call? The TVs scream in the department store "you need me in your new apartment or you'll buy much more that you will ever need". Just give me something to sustain my greed like a fast food restaurant - the golden arches have cornered me.
Track Name: When the Calendar Comes Down
I smashed a mirror and watched it break into a thousand pieces so the reflection of my face would be unrecognisable. As I walked across the shards the cuts on my feet soothed my mind and the blood stains on the floor became a reminder of Jackson Pollock. Its only two hours 'til midnight, as the clock strikes I'll count my thoughts and think of things I should have done, assign them to each one until the chimes have gone and I return to sitting with you. These people are not working, no, no one here is working - everybody's singing except me and you. No, we're not singing, we're just waiting for tonight to end. We're waiting for the year to begin on the the day the calendar comes down.
Track Name: Just Like You
I'm disregarding words like bodies in the gutter because soon they will be meaningless, worthless and forgotten. So I scribble with a pen all the things I couldn't say and hope it isn't legible to anybody else but me. I now know what they mean when they say a mirror never lies 'cause when I say "you're ugly" my reflection mouths it back. I'm starting to think that I am just like you. I said "there's something I must play you" so we sat through the record. All the clicks and pops and scratches punctuate my thoughts and make my broken verses seem coherent and rehearsed but that's just an illusion - a trick performed with words. I'm starting to think that I am just like you. Last night I sat here thinking, tonight I'll watch you dreaming. I'll stop the journey now.
Track Name: Complete the Sequence
I need to wake myself up, programme all my thoughts for today. Uh oh... it looks like apathy again. So I step outside and breathe in stale air, fill my lungs with hatred and push the button marked 'override'. Let the magazines show you what you should look like today. Get the catalogue and pick out someone else to be. Will you shut me off before I can complete the sequence? Will you shut me off? I'm programmed to please. I've got something in my sack for you.
Track Name: Wintertime Ending
We're lying in the snow waiting for the freezing cold to numb our aging bodies and immortalise our souls. You know I need you more now than you could ever know. Tell me about the rain you watched land on the rooftops, "Oh, how it fell!", and as you spoke to me I listened carefully. Tell me about the colourful sky that raised your skin - it made you smile - but not today, today it made you cry. You look at me with the saddest eyes, I wish I could tell you it will be alright. You say "I need you more now than I could ever show." I remember what its like to hear fascinating stories about a girl with a birthmark and an infinite beauty. I was the boy who would listen unconditionally. And I could be awake for the rest of my life but I would rather sleep than die so I will be asleep for the rest of my life. I like to pretend I've forgotten how to sleep and I like to pretend I can't remember how to breathe so I can pretend that I'm learning it all again. We're lying in the snow waiting for the freezing cold to numb our aging bodies and immortalise our souls. As I died last night you lay with me a while.
Track Name: A Cure for Every Ailment
My eyes become a camera when you sleep to record every moment of everything you don't get to see. I'll play it in the morning to prove that you're still breathing. A cure for every ailment is all you need. The doctors cannot save you, they'll just delay your death. They'll feed you pills and medical bills until you choke on all your debt. You write on my arm a short a simple speech... "a cure for every ailment is all we need". They don't give us reasons anymore, 'cause now they're gonna teach us that freedom is not for all. I'm caught in the middle of a war fueled by greed so I dig for oil underneath my feet.
Track Name: Better Works of Fiction
The more you think the less you sleep and the less you sleep the less you write. The less you write the more depressed you feel but depression is good for writing sincerely and accurately about the way you feel, about everything. If you want to blame your parents and the government - well go ahead. Have you been sent to lie? You could search for answers in the bible but there are better works of fiction. I learnt much more from Holden Caulfield than I ever did from Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ! Did I just say that? Well slap my wrists and I'll repent at once, just give me forty lashings and a lollipop, a disappointed stare and a sermon.
Track Name: A Dream is a Dream is a Dream is a Lie
Every time I dream this is what I dream of, but I don't understand this image my mind conjures up of confidence and personality. A group of people just like me would be a heart-stopping bore. An automatic instant repellent to social situations, I don't want to speak to you. If its just a question of how long before I can get out of here, I know the answer - its clear. I don't want to be out here, I don't want to be near anyone, I just want to keep on singing but I'm no good at singing. I don't breathe so I keep living and I don't breathe so I keep speaking. I just breathe to keep on singing but I'm no good at singing.
Track Name: Until Boxing Day
The singers at my door are wasting their time, they'll live their footprints in the snow that has settled outside. I don't want to leave my house or even my room. I'm refusing offers of company and plates of food. "what has happened" you say "to make you feel this way?" I don't know. My turntable plays me songs that sound so sweet, I'm listening to someone who's better than me. Oh Santa! Why'd you bring this? That was so mean. Oh Santa! Why'd you bring this and then just leave? You're sitting outside my door whispering things like "please come out soon, I've brought you some drinks". If I respond politely will you go away? I'm not going to leave this room until boxing day.
Track Name: The Brightest Colour
I heard it on the radio, I saw it on my TV set, I heard it from the mouth of friends if friends are what they are. So I knew right then I had to go and become someone whose name is known - not for who I was but for who I used to be. These colours do not represent the way I've lived or the things I've said but the brightest colour - a deep blood red - reflects me perfectly. It reflects me perfectly.