Point and Click EP

by Captain Polaroid

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Collection of compilation songs and bsides


released August 17, 2009



all rights reserved


Captain Polaroid Birmingham

My fuzzy, shambolic lo-fi pop is thrown carelessly out of a bedroom window in Birmingham, UK.

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Track Name: The Things I Know
These are the things I know, these are the thing I pretend to know, these are the things that I'll never know. As I return to zero the smog will thicken and I will barely breathe. Return to zero, you've finally broken free from rising industry. The smog will thicken and you will barely see. If this is what you'd do and this is what you think you'd do then everything you've done is not what's expected of you. But what do they expect from you, oh, what can they expect from you if everything you've done is not what they asked of you?
Track Name: It Doesn't Mean I'm Happy (demo)
Nothing here is perfect, no everything's the same as the place that I just left and I'm trapped inside this box. I'm never getting out of here again. I've got a budget priced guitar, I've got metaphor and rhyme. I've got a lyrical agenda and drums to stay in time... but it doesn't mean I'm happy singing words that I don't mean and it doesn't mean I'm happy spending money I don't need. I'll try not to get hungry - I've been reading up on greed. It's the new generosity and we're all guilty.
Track Name: Page After Page
A blackened heart is not the same as a deadened mind but reading books by Katie Price won't bring it back to life. There are so many things that you would like if you look around. There are so many things that you would like - just look around. You say everything has changed. A blackened heart is not the same as a deadened mind but reading books by Katie Price won't bring us back to life. You say everything has changed. Page after page of rubbish.
Track Name: An Accurate Portrayal
You sit in your chair humming contentedly until your ears can no longer hear. You're thanking them all for destroying your faith in other people, the human race. The human race is such a disgrace - I know that was an obvious thing to say but it's true. All the mirrors in your head can't reflect the things you say, well what you say means nothing 'cause you say it every day. You finish a sentence before you begin in a silence so loud it deafens a nation - a nation without listeners, a nation that won't pay attention. I can't remember the last time I found a joke this funny. I can't remember the last time I found a joke funny. Listen to what they say, if you don't reply then they won't comply. You stop and you look because you know what this is but you can't believe that this is really happening.
Track Name: This is Part One
There's a fault in the soil where the money trees grow straight out of the ground where nobody goes and when they find out there'll be riots and wars. We'll all make a killing from the money tree.
Track Name: Your Mistake is Thinking You Have Won (acoustic)
You've got a cancer in your heart. It's not contagious and yet it's serious. No, it's not fatal and it's not shameful, it's just painful to write it down. The colours of the new carousel are pink and green. If there's a tugging on your muscle then you're just breathing too loud. You're planning your death like tomorrow won't come. Your mistake is thinking you have won but you can't see. If the ending's been spoilt by repetition of events don't worry, now you know what to expect. You're crying 'cause it's all the same but you don't like the people in your life to change - but they always do.
Track Name: Remote Control
They say we think too much, they try to shut us up. They wanna shut us down, they wanna turn us off. Do we pose a threat to your tight regime? Can you hear me now? If not I swear I'll scream until you're listening to the evidence. The hidden messages have been removed. Am I brave or am I stupid? Well colour-me-black and change my sex. Would you still like me then? Could I be president? Could I play this song without a heckle from your dirty mouth, your filthy tongue? Have I said too much for you to take? The truth always turns the bigots heads but you shy away. You'd like to stop the music but you haven't got the remote control. Should she open up just because you want her to? Is it your right? Should she paint her face and wait on you? Does she look nice? The remote control is in my head and I'll use it when I'm finished here. It's time we tried to make a change so I'm telling you what I really think. Are you listening? I hope you are. Are you listening? I bet you're not.