In Miracle World EP

by Captain Polaroid

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released May 26, 2008



all rights reserved


Captain Polaroid Birmingham

My fuzzy, shambolic lo-fi pop is thrown carelessly out of a bedroom window in Birmingham, UK.

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Track Name: A Dream is a Dream is a Dream is a Lie
Everytime I dream this is what I dream of, but I don't understand this image my mind conjures up of confidence and personality. A group of people just like me would be a heart-stopping bore. An automatic instant repellent to social situations, I don't want to speak to you. If its just a question of how long before I can get out of here, I know the answer - its clear. I don't want to be out here, I don't want to be near anyone, I just want to keep on singing but I'm no good at singing. I don't breathe so I keep living and I don't breathe so I keep speaking. I just breathe to keep on singing but I'm no good at singing.
Track Name: When a Play Became a Parody
In the play there's a man representing the president of modern America. Greed and hate are emotions he must convey to be believed. In the play the three little pigs are played by brothers of the director. They're looking for somewhere that they can live so they are free. In the play there are low budget bungalows made from straw, sticks and also wood. The man playing the president blows them down.
Track Name: The Same Rules Always Apply
The future, I avoid. Today and yesterday don't make me so afraid. If I had a wish what would it be? What do I need? There is no receipt and nothing to redeem when you sacrifice your children for eternal life. If they kick and scream tell them he will get them in their sleep and teach them all the things your parents forced you to believe. Call it science if you like, you can call it industry. You can call it anything but the same rules always apply - manipulate the weak and lie lie lie! Everytime I thought about the future it was clouded out; I hoped that when I got there it would start to make some sense but the picture's indecipherable, the audio inaudible and the script is so implausible it won't be shown again.
Track Name: No Words Left to Explain Yourself With (Acoustic)
You'll never carve your thoughts into my mind - pathetic narrow-minded parasites. Crave refuge, cultivate our lives any way you want so spread the word, he's as real as equality. No speech, no freedom, just holocaust with love. Your spirit brings prejudice so keep your ideals - immoral atrocities. Go forth and educate to control their lives, to destroy their lives. Tell me what time I owe you, a pleasure I'm sure. Why does no one help you to explain yourself? On your knees and pray child, show some respect to 'Him'. Here's your book, read it and learn it off by heart and let the words that you read control your hypnotised eyes. Take some fucking time and explain yourself. Thou shalt not show reason, thou shalt not be merciful, "I will not leave you desolate". Explain yourself.
Track Name: In the Firing Line Again
You won't be here for much longer, that is not up for debate. You have got nothing to prove. There's nobody left here to hate 'cause you're in the firing line again.